Rules and Regulations

1. Pupils should be responsible for the school property/ furniture or equipment which are in their use. Any breakage of the above will be charged from the concerned pupil.
2. Pupils must be neat in their appearance and in school uniform.
3. No pupil would leave the school campus during school hours without prior permission of the Principal.
4. Pupils are not permitted to wear jewellery or bring any prohibited items such as mobiles etc. If found with a student will be confiscated and will not be returned.
5. Violation of any code of conduct which is deemed inappropriate by the school authorities will lead to warnings, suspension and finally expulsion.
6. Pupils should be disciplined while using the school transport, Violation of rules may lead towards the debarring of bus facility.

Note to parents :

It will help the school greatly if parents ensure that :

1. A letter stating the reasons to be sent if the child comes to school in irregular uniform.
2. Boys and girls must be properly groomed, boys with a proper haircut and girls with hair either plaited or tied up. Only black ribbons or bands or hair-clips may be used in case of girls.
3. The diary should be regularly checked for any message/ note from the teachers.
4. The pupils note books must be periodically checked/ glanced to know about their performance.
5. Meet the class-teacher and subject teachers regularly to discuss about their ward's progress.
6. Parent-Teacher meetings are held regularly in the school. Parents are advised to attend these meetings to discuss about their ward's progress.
7. Any change of address or telephone number of student must be intimated to the academy in writing.

Payment of School Fees :


1. All school fee is to be paid in advance on quarterly basis.
2. Fee installment will be received in the month of April, July, October and January upto 10th of the month.
3. If school fees paid after 10th of the month, late fee @ Rs. 2/- will be charged upto 30th of the month and after that the pupil's name will be struck off the rolls without any prior information.
4. Re-admission will be granted only after payment of Rs. 500/-
5. Fee once paid will neither be refunded nor adjusted in any case.

Care for School Property

1. Don't write on walls and furniture.
2. Do not cause any damage to furniture of the school.
3. Use dustbin to throw waste material.
4. Keep your class neat and clean.
5. Any sort of breakage and damage to school property can lead to suspension, three times the cost of the item to be paid by students, rustication as deemed befitting by the school authorities.

Personal Grooming and Hygiene

1. Taking bath everyday is compulsory.
2. Nails should be cleaned and cut regularly.
3. Sports shoes should be washed once a week.
4. Shoes should be polished everyday.
5. Boys and girls must be properly groomed, boys with a proper hair cut and girls with either plaited or tied up hair. Only black ribbons or bands or clips may be used in case of girls.

Leave of Absence :

1. Regular attendance is essential.
2. Application for leave should be sent well in advance to the Principal.
3. Normally no leave will be granted for first and the last few days of term and/or extension of vacations.
4. Leave for attending weddings will not be granted normally.
5. In case of illness, a medical certificate should be submitted.
6. Pupils should not be sent to school if suffering from any infection or ailments. When such pupils rejoin the class a doctor's certificate showing the child to be free from infection, must be produced.
7. Pupils who are ill during assessments/exams should not be sent to school. Request for permission to go home after appearing for an assessment because of indisposition, will not be entertained.
8. A pupil who has been absent from school without sanctioned leave will not be allowed to attend school until the Principal gives permission.
9. A pupil's absence from school without prior intimation for more than 20 days may result in the pupil's name being struck off from the rolls.

School Timings :

   Winter : (Monday to Friday) - 09.00 A.M. To 02.50 P.M.

                             (Saturday) - 09.00 A.M. To 02.20 P.M.

Summer : (Monday to Friday) 08.00 A.M TO 01.50 PM. 

                             (Saturday) 08.00 A.M TO 01.20 PM.



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